Blog-o-rreha or blogs as digital pet rocks


Yes indeed I did say that…

blogs are the digital equivalent to Pet Rocks

in an InfoWorld article from Ephraim Schwartz, and I stand by my comments on this! But don’t get me wrong though, blogs ARE GREAT!

Far from me to dump on blogs in my own blog :-D. But, I think that a few years from now, their will be a whole lot of unused blogs out there collecting digital dust, and that we will look at them like we look at Pet Rocks today.

It seems everyone has a blog these days. But really, did we all use to write a Journal before we discovered blogs? I don’t think so! So do we all really think everyone will now have their blog, and use it consistently writing meaningful and interesting content in them. Don’t think so! Past the craze, things will settle down as they always do with every technology development out there.


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