Agency 2.0 is born! So is Agile Marketing!


Clement Mok, Gaston Legorburu, Jason Turner and I had a conversation in Santa Monica today about what the new world of marketing is going to be like.

The most exciting part of the conversation is when we discussed this idea of Agency 2.0. The basic idea being that there is a new breed of agency out there, that takes all of the good from Agency 1.0 and marketing fundamentals, but turns everything else on its head. I know this requires more detail than I can offer in this post, but I am sure it’ll make a lot of sense very soon as we come out with messaging on the topic.

Part of Agency 2.0 is this notion of Agile Marketing. If you are familiar with the tenets of Agile software development, then think about the same ideas applied to marketing. These tenets include such things as: working in small iterations, working collaboratively, continuous validation of what is high value, elimination of risk, elimination of waste and many more things that make Agile processes much more powerful than existing processes.

This is cool stuff! I can’t wait to be a part of making it real.


One thought on “Agency 2.0 is born! So is Agile Marketing!

  1. jamestroche

    If the Agile Web Design manifesto is applicable, the tenets should apply (in general).
    * Start with the Interface
    * Say no by default
    * Iterate quickly
    * Use it while you build it
    * Iterate in the wild
    Do they? The core of advertising has been the search for the killer “concept.” As soon as it is presented everyone recognizes it and it is turned into a campaign. Or… endless research and testing is done to make sure the audience agrees.

    Neither of these directions lends themselves to the Agile way of thinking. I wonder how you build light-weight-ness and iterative-ness into a world that is dominated by “inspiration” and mass launch or CYA pre-launch preparation.

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