The day something went wrong with XML


I am tired of SOAP, XPath, XSLT and so many other XML logorrhea out there. What happened to one of the key values of XML being that humans could read it! When did using XML become “the thing to do”, even if it means marshalling and un-marshalling gobs of information in and out of XML for no particular reason or value add!

To the risk of offending a few people out there, a number of these are the result of well meaning standards body repeat offenders who between beard strokings come up with dubious academic reasoning for meta-structures that create insane amounts of bloat! And to make it worst, a number of leading technology providers are more than happy to jump on the bandwagon to justify the purchase of more of their technology! This is insanity!…

The only XML that is worthy to survive are the simple yet effective forms. Think RSS, XML-RPC – all simple and effective at what they do. Long live simple XML dialects!


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