“Always on” is so yesterday…


Yesterday, at 3:12 pm Eastern Time, I and a few other folks received an awesome message from Steve (Steve Papa CEO of Endeca) titled “Thinking about a world with $100/TB”, and with the first sentence being

“Why does anyone delete anything?”

Over the past decade or so people have been focused on “always on” as the big sea change. Indeed wireless broadband is becoming more and more of a reality. To some degree one could argue that the big change has occurred and now we are in steady improvement mode: better connectivity, without wires, faster speeds and in increasingly remote locations.

So now what! What comes next? Well, how about a world where the cost of storage goes down to a point where we can keep everything handy, all the time,, forever. We are already well into a world were anyone and everyone can generate unfathomable amounts of stuff: videos, blogs, music, etc. So now imagine you can store all of this stuff, and keep track of it for ever after!

What tools would you need to navigate through all of this stuff? What if the meta-data about any piece of information becomes 10x or more than the data itself? This is the world of “never deleted” and “always there”.


One thought on ““Always on” is so yesterday…

  1. This is a good thing, we can access loads of information, a whole new world opportunities…we can look back and see how we and others have evolved…

    While on the other side, well…Its a bit like going through life without having the power to forget experiences. Sounds scary considering that not all experiences are pleasant.

    I guess, it’ll all depend on your digital footprint.

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