Hypercard for the iPhone, please…


Ok, so I installed the iPhone SDK last week to poke around and see how big a challenge it is to build an iPhone App.  Not surprisingly, it is not (challenging that is); which is great.  Given the popularity of the device one would expect millions upon millions of these things to be built in the next couple of years.

Now, to build an app for the iPhone you will need to either know enough web developent to build a web app or learn XCode and some Objective C and slug your way through Interface Builder, etc.  That is fine for most geeky types, such as myself, but not accessible to the broader population of advanced users who may have a very creative mind but no time/patience/skills to “do the developer thing”.

Which brings me to my thought of the day, bring Hypercard back and adapt it to the iPhone.  Once upon a time Apple graced us with this amazing tool.  It was a cross between PowerPoint, Visual Basic and some web like hyperlinking concept.  It was accessible to the tech savvy non-developer who had a creative mind and could build mini-apps without the whole overhead that comes with building apps as a developer.  Can you imagine building a useful iPhone app in minutes by visually designing it and adding a little scripting (scripting which was as close to English as one can get with a programing/scripting language)

Please, bring back Hypercard and adapt it run stacks on the iPhone.


One thought on “Hypercard for the iPhone, please…

  1. dckiwi

    It’s interesting … I was playing around with the Palm Pre SDK this week. The application model in the Pre is basically HyperCard with JavaScript 🙂 Check out the new Palm OS, definitely worth looking if the hypercard model works for you Ben!

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