IPv6, RFID tags, Iran tweets and the steady expansion of technology into the fabric of our world


A few years ago I focused for a time on the steady expansion of technology into the environment.  At the time RFID ID were getting people’s attention, web services standards were growing in popularity and people were finally getting to realize that IPv6 provided a much larger address space.

What amazes me today is how in just a few years so much has happened.  On the mobile front devices have gone far beyond the basic capabilities of a phone and cells are ubiquitous.  Home entertainment and home computing are blending more than ever. The embedding of micro-controllers in appliances (see how computerized cars have gotten!) and the embedding of smart tags and related technology in inanimate objects is now common practice.

So it should be no surprise that no amount of filtering and control can stop people from communicating in and out of Iran.

We are heading into a physical world where technology is a part of the most fundamental fabric of the environment, for better or for worse.


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