20 years today – 20 ans aujourdhui


It was twenty years ago today that I landed in JFK airport with a job offer for making sandwiches in Rockaway beach NY. I had just finished my Maitrise at the university of Caen. Xavier a buddy from high-school, came to pick me up at JFK around 2:30. I stayed with him and his family for about a week, then took the train to Boston. It’s been an amazing twenty years, and I look forward to the next twenty.

Il y a vingt ans aujourdhui que je suis arrive a l’aeroport JFK de New York avec une offre d’emploi pour faire des sandwichs. J’avai just fini ma maitrise a l’universitee de Cean. Xavier un copain de lycee, est venu me chercher a l’aeroport a 14:30. Je suis reste avec lui et sa famille pour une semaine, puis j’ai pris le train pour Boston. J’ai passe une vingtaine d’annees merveilleuses et je suis impatient de voir les vingt annees a venir.


One thought on “20 years today – 20 ans aujourdhui

  1. 2o years ago, I was in the process of changing jobs. My employer at the time was a freight company that did, International Import and Export of cargo, by air and ocean. They downsized from a staff of 12, to a staff of 4. My primary responsibility was related to handling the documentation, Banking transactions and documentation, phone calls from overseas during the morning hours, cargo bookings and getting cargo from the shipper to the airlines or the ocean lines. My secondary responsibility was managing the office small computer network and performing basic application training.

    By December of 1992, my life would be changed with a new job that had as a primary role, computer and server administration, taking care of a IPX/SPX and Banyan network. Later to be followed by a Apple Talk network.

    I haven’t looked back since. Since then, my career had taken off and I found myself involved with a variety of projects that included working with Mainframes, transitioning to Microsoft networking and servers from Novell. Being responsible for the upkeep of over 100 servers, multiple firewalls, some 60 network switches and various hardware, two VMware environments and keeping almost 700 people happy in 4 different sites happy

    It is the little changes in our life, that have the potential of creating larger changes later on. After almost a dozen interviews, 100 plus resume submissions, a number of turn downs, it would be answering tiny help wanted ad for a network consultant in the Boston Globe that changed my life forever.

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