HLS Emerging Leaders career development workshop


I am back for another career development workshop with the Emerging Leaders Program @ HLS.

From the Emerging Leaders Program about page:
Emerging Leaders was created to give Harvard Law School employees the opportunity to develop leadership skills through educational sessions, mentoring, events, and community service. HLS staff who have worked at the Law School for less than ten cumulative years are encouraged to apply.

On the agenda for the workshop…

  1. Kick-off and introduction
  2. Overview of the agenda and goals for the workshop, and introduction to the mechanics of a workshop. “Around the room” introduction with little known fact from everyone.

  3. What is a career and why is it important?
  4. 10 minutes in pairs to discuss. 10 minutes checkpoint.
    The key points for this exercise is that people have different definitions for what a career is. A useful way to think about ones career is as story telling – what is your story so far, professionally but also personally. Why is this important for you, the people you manage/lead, and the work culture around you.

  5. Tell your story so far
  6. 20 minutes in pairs to discuss and tell each other your story. 30 minutes checkpoint to hear a few stories.

  7. Where next?
  8. 20 minutes in pairs to discuss and explore future directions. 30 minutes checkpoint to hear from some participants.
    Given your story so far, what might be things you see yourself doing in the future? What are your constraints perceived or real? What should you do today to help you make progress towards these future opportunities? How can this help you manage/lead people?

  9. Feedback and close
  10. 20 minutes for key take aways, and verbal feedback. 10 minutes for written feedback.


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