MEWelcome to my Digital Pet Rock!
(see here for an explanation of why this blog is named the way it is)

I am geek and a hacker. I caught the techno-bug as a child and have kept it in me, my entire life. For me technology is not just my job, it is a passion and a way of life.

My education includes a “Maitrise” (using the French name on purpose here) in Mathematics and Computer Science which included a focus on artificial intelligence and computational linguistics. I also have a “Brevet de Technicien Superieur” (French again) in Electrical Engineering which also gave me some grounding in Philosophy and Mechanical Engineering (including old school drafting and working on a factory floor).

Professionally, I have built my career by exploring as many corners of the technology universe as I could (IT, product, consulting, etc.). Every step along the way has been an amazing learning experience.

I have worked with companies ranging from startups to large global 2000 organizations, as well as government agencies in the US and in Europe. I have ended up being in the front row witnessing some of the most important changes in the tech industry of the past thirty years: personal computers for business, client/server, large transactional systems, the Web, global delivery models, agile development, the rise of information security, multi-disciplinary approaches, etc.

I am currently Deputy CIO for Harvard University (more on my career at LinkedIn). I am also a co-instructor for the CSCI E-45a: “The Cyber World: Hardware, Software, Networks, Security, and Management” and CSCI E-45b: “The Cyber World: Governance, Threats, Conflict, Privacy, Identity, and Commerce” courses at Harvard’s Extension School.


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