Harvard cyber intrusion


As some people may have seen in the media Harvard was hit with a larger than usual cyber intrusion (see http://security.harvard.edu/cyber-alert ). I am not going to go into non-public details of the incident, but I will mention a few things that may be of use to some folks out there. I have studied, and taught on the topic of information security for a while now, yet this was the first large scale intrusion I had been involved in navigating.
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Harvard’s IT Academy is live!


IT Academy logoKudos to the IT Academy team (and all the supporting CIOs 🙂 ) for a successful launch of Harvard’s IT Academy.

From the about page:

In order to stay competitive and retain our valued employees, the IT Academy aims to enable each IT staff person to grow professionally and become a trusted partner to her or his team. The IT Academy is built on the belief that every IT staff member across the University (including technology employees at each school and campus) can grow in her or his area of expertise as well as building strong people and project management skills.

A philosophical/existential approach to information security


How do you sleep at night?

is what I often hear when people ask me about how complex things have become with cyber-security. Indeed, things have become more complicated; yet we can’t just not use computers because staying safe is more complicated.

So I though I’d document a few ideas I have had about this that may be helpful:
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Announcing the Harvard IT Transition


Anne Margulies came back to Harvard this past September as both University CIO and Faculty of Arts and Science (FAS) CIO.

One of Anne’s biggest project is to bring together FAS IT and University IT into a new and fundamentally different/better organization. This IT Transformation is obviously a gigantic project. It will not only impact the FAS and central administration, but it will also create a foundation for IT overall at Harvard and the 1,200 IT professionals throughout central and all of the schools. Selfishly this is very exciting because I’ll have the opportunity to work on this as part of the CIO Council.

I’ll be posting on this occasionally and if you are interested in learning more about it you should visit the University Office of the CIO – Transition Site

@HLS and very happy…


Ok, it’s been a while and I figured my birthday is as good a day as any to get back on the old blog.  And so with much delay I can now announce that I am the CIO at Harvard Law School and that I am very excited to be at HLS.

There is much to say about that, but tonight I’ll just enjoy the pleasures of a simple and short post and leave it at that.