2017 HKS Exec Ed program “Cybersecurity: at the intersection of technology and policy”


Another successful run of the fantastic program.  Great group of attendees as usual, with representation from all corners of the U.S. Federal government, as well as other countries, and some private sector representatives.  Mind-blowing topics and lectures every day.  And of course, the always fun cyberwarfare exercise on Friday.  See here for more information.  And here, here, here, and here for some feedback on the program



CS50 Hackathon 2016


Another fun Hackathon with the CS50 students.  A few hundred students, huddled up at the iLab’s Hive.  My year old setup in c9.io was still there and working – sweet!

New semester, and over 200 students!


Here we go, another semester starts for CSCI e45a, with the “all online” format that we started last year.  Very exciting and a little scary to have 226 students enrolled. I hope this is an indication that the content of the course is becoming more important and relevant to folks out there!


A Herman Hollerith early IBM tabulating machine


Today at the MIT Swapfest, I found and bought a punch card making machine/device.  It is from The Tabulating Machine Company.  The Tabulating Machine Company was founded by Herman Hollerith – initially in 1896 as Tabulating Machine Company, and again in 1905 as The Tabulating Machine Company – to commercialize his tabulating machine which he invented and revolutionized the US Census tabulation process in in the late 1800’s.  In 1911, The Tabulating Machine Company and three other companies came together as the Computing Tabulating Recording (CTR) company, which a few years later in 1924 became International Business Machines corporation (IBM).  But the individual companies in the CTR holding company continued to use their original name until 1933, so this device could have been made anytime between 1905 and 1933.

Hollerith 1 Hollerith 2

CS50 Hackathon 2015


CS50 logo Another great CS50 Hackathon! You can find pictures of this crazy fun event here. As usual, I was the oldest staffer by a long shot. Slow start until the Mexican food came in at 9:00 pm, then the questions and requests for help started. Wherever you may be around the globe, if you have not experienced CS50 yet and are interested in learning the fundamentals of programming – go see CS50x on edX.