CS50 Hackathon 2015


CS50 logo Another great CS50 Hackathon! You can find pictures of this crazy fun event here. As usual, I was the oldest staffer by a long shot. Slow start until the Mexican food came in at 9:00 pm, then the questions and requests for help started. Wherever you may be around the globe, if you have not experienced CS50 yet and are interested in learning the fundamentals of programming – go see CS50x on edX.


Why cybersecurity skills are in demand


Article illustrationToday Harvard’s Extension School published an article, based on an interview of Scott and I, to start advertising the Cybersecurity certificate – see it here.

CSCI e45a is now all online! First run starting today


e45a introAfter many sessions in the recording studio this spring and summer, the fall installment of CSCI e45 is now all online. We are venturing off in the brave new world of online teaching. I can tell already that we will be missing our in person interactions with the local students. But, as expected, the online format offers the possibility to do a number of exciting new things that will hopefully help students learn and retain knowledge better.

Harvard cyber intrusion


As some people may have seen in the media Harvard was hit with a larger than usual cyber intrusion (see http://security.harvard.edu/cyber-alert ). I am not going to go into non-public details of the incident, but I will mention a few things that may be of use to some folks out there. I have studied, and taught on the topic of information security for a while now, yet this was the first large scale intrusion I had been involved in navigating.
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Harvard’s IT Academy is live!


IT Academy logoKudos to the IT Academy team (and all the supporting CIOs 🙂 ) for a successful launch of Harvard’s IT Academy.

From the about page:

In order to stay competitive and retain our valued employees, the IT Academy aims to enable each IT staff person to grow professionally and become a trusted partner to her or his team. The IT Academy is built on the belief that every IT staff member across the University (including technology employees at each school and campus) can grow in her or his area of expertise as well as building strong people and project management skills.